Thursday, August 19, 2010

A gradual start

Every day gets a little smoother...

Day 2- We met our online teacher and other local homeschool students in our program.  Then, Bella got to take a behind-the-scenes tour at CiCi's Pizza!  Running the cash register was her favorite part.  Eating pizza was mine :-)

Later we completed our first history lesson.  Bella cut out pictures of animals from different continents and stuck them onto the globe.  It was a review of continents and oceans for her, but she enjoyed it.

Day 3- Bella has been most excited about Science since we first started talking about homeschooling.  And it was quite an introduction to the subject.  She had to learn all new terms for the metric system!  Here we are being scientists:

Even Brody wanted to be a part!

Day 4-  After such a successful day Wednesday (we completed 3 subjects in the afternoon), I decided to see if some outdoor exercise would help the kids calm down the rest of the day.  So we took a bike ride with some friends for an hour, went to the library to get new books, and sat down for Math & Language Arts this afternoon.

It worked like a charm.  Brody's been a lot quieter this afternoon.

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